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Aruba Utilities privacy notes

The Google Play Store points to Aruba Networks' general privacy policy, and of course we follow that policy with Aruba Utilities.


But privacy for mobile applications is a little different, and I wanted to add some detail specific to this application. 



Aruba Utilities reads information from the Android device, including Wi-Fi scans for SSIDs and BSSIDs, GPS readings, phone number if available, and other configuration information.  Most of this information is only used internally in the application, chiefly to determine the device’s location through different means.


Information can be saved to a log file and the log file can be copied from the phone (under user control).

Some information is sent to your network’s AirWave server through the AMC client function.  This information is readable by someone with an account on your network’s AirWave server.


This application does not transmit personally-identifiable or device-specific information anywhere else.



 If it's not clear what is going on in the application, or if you have any questions or concerns please ask.

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