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Good mobile apps do not need user guides, any new user should be able to figure out how to use an app as they go.


Nevertheless, some of these networking functions are unavoidably complex so I do have one.  Here's an updated guide for Aruba Utilities, to reflect v102 of the app which is now published on the Play Store:  .


Let me know please if it's missing anything.


Re: Aruba Utilities user guide

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Re: Aruba Utilities user guide



new user here.  I am trying to find a way to save the Wifi monitor logging data  on my Samsung Galaxy tablet without being logged into an internet connection.  That might sound a bit crazy but I am just monitoring various RSSI levels on the device and when I am done, I won't have a logged in email type connection.  So I want to save the logs locally on the tablet and then later when I am indeed logged onto an internet source, email or pull the logs off.


Is that possible?  When the Aruba Utilities app closes, it seems to lose all its data.


thank you



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