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Aruba VIA IOS app broken on T-mobile?

Looks like Aruba's VIA VPN iOS app is broken on T-mobile's USA network.  Before I open a ticket I want to see if anyone else can confirm this.


I can download the VPN profiles on my devices, but the connection fails right away, pretty much it is not even trying to connect, no time outs mentioned just says disconnected right away. The logs on my controller only show a profile download attempt on 443, once the profile is  downloaded I don't see any other connection attempts on the controller, nor do I see any hits on our boarder router.


Other VPN's I have tried work (SecurePulse) on T-Mobile. Other carriers also work with VIA (Verizon, Sprint), so it is not the configuration. I think this is related to some IPV6 changes on T-mobile's side that VIA doesn't know how to handle.


Device details

hardware: iPhone 6S+, and iPhone 6s

OS: iOS 11.02, 10.3.3

VIA version: 3.0.2



Controller software version:



Re: Aruba VIA IOS app broken on T-mobile?

Funny you should ask. I just debugged this today. The issue is that T-Mobile is pure IPv6 and VIA doesn’t support v6 so the client cannot locate an adaptor to initiate the VPN. If you move to WiFi it will work. I spent some time with tech support at T-Mobile and they have escalated it but I’m not expecting too much. To be clear, this is iOS and T-Mobile only. If you check your ip addresses while on cellular, the other carriers assign v4 and v6 addresses. T-Mobile only assigns a v6. There is a way to adjust the APN of the iPhone to do v4 only but T-Mobile doesn’t allow you to do that in the iPhone due to carrier restrictions. Android devices can be tweaked in this respect but unfortunately not Apple because T-Mobile restricts it. You can actually change the APN —>

If T-Mobile decides to allow me to change my APN, I will report back my findings.
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Re: Aruba VIA IOS app broken on T-mobile?

Yeah, I noticed that there isn't even an IPV4 address listed on any of the iPhone utilities, around 2 Months back there was an address.  Let me know what T-mobile tells you, so that we can verify there is nothing on their side before opening up a feature request with Aruba.

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Re: Aruba VIA IOS app broken on T-mobile?

I have put in a feature request to have this issue fixed.  If anyone else could please submit a feature request for this issue too, it will probably get resolved sooner.

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