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Mac VIA routes are ok only after exactly two minutes

When I connect to a VPN with Mac VIA client, I get an ip address from the company network, say Right after connecting, I am able to connect to all hosts in that network, but not to any other private networks and not to the outside world.


After the VPN connection has been open exactly two minutes, all connections start working. It seems like the VPN server's routing table would only accept me properly after that, which seems quite strange.


Sometimes I don't get this "two-minute penalty". I'm not sure what the conditions are, but I think the penalty occurs every time after rebooting.


All of our few Mac users have had this problem for years, spanning multiple VIA versions, OS versions and MBP/MBA models. Windows users connecting to the same network don't have this problem.


I have compared `netstat -r` and `ifconfig` output before and after the two-minute boundary to no avail, and I don't find anything related to this in `/var/log` - especially: nothing is written to any log file on the two-minute boundary.


This happens both with using the VIA client and with the `scutil` command line utility.


Any ideas about the reason, or how to debug this further?

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Re: Mac VIA routes are ok only after exactly two minutes

If this can be easily replicated, you should open a TAC case, because it would require a detailed study of what is going on in your environment. I have been using VIA for years and I have not had that specific issue.  It could be specific to your environment.

Information on how to open a tac case is here:

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