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IAP Beacon Management Configuration



How to configure Instant AP for beacon management in Meridian cloud?

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Instant AP configuration to enable beacon management with Meridian cloud.

(Minimum/Maximum) Software Version(s) Required (optional)

Aruba Instant 4.2.3+

Configuration Notes


  • IAP must have IP Name servers for DNS resolution.
  • IAP must have Internet access (HTTPS required to access Meridian).
  • IAP must be an AP with USB beacon or integrated beacon.
  • IAP with beacon must be provisioned.
  • IAP have sufficient PoE to operate/enable BLE.
  • IAP Beacon must be provisioned/placed on Meridian map.
  • Requires outbound 443 (tcp/443) for VC to communicate with Meridian.
  • Be sure not to have IOS devices in vicinity with Beacons App running during validation. Beacons App will also forward BLE info to Meridian.
  • Verify controller time is updated either via NTP or manual sync.

Configuration enables IAP VC to communicate with Meridian to update beacons information for a given site. Meridian will also be able to manage both integrated, USB and integrated beacons within range of the management beacons.

Beacon updates are sent out every 5 minutes.

BLE Operating Mode:

  • Beaconing: The BLE chip functions as an iBeacon combined with beacon management functionality.
  • Disabled: The BLE chip is turned off.
  • DynamicConsole: The BLE chip functions as an iBeacon combined with beacon management functionality. However, when the link to the controller is lost, the BLE chip temporarily enables access to the AP console over BLE.
  • PersistentConsole: The BLE chip provides access to the AP console over BLE using a mobile application. This functionality is the superset of the Beaconing mode.

To configure Persistent Console on an IAP:


0:5c:19:ca:42:d4# config
We now support CLI commit model, please type "commit apply" for configuration to take effect.
f0:5c:19:ca:42:d4 (config) # ble mode persistent-console (please make sure you write the full command, otherwise it will not work)
f0:5c:19:ca:42:d4 (config) # exit
f0:5c:19:ca:42:d4# commit apply
committing configuration...


Note:  As of 2/2017 Persistent Mode is supported by the following IAPs: 33x/32x/31x/30x/36x

Also, if run on the VC, the Persistent Mode setting will be propagated to all APs in the cluster.



Management beacons can be one of the following:

  • USB Beacon connected to IAP-215 or IAP-225.
  • Integrated BLE beacon in IAP-3xx series.
  • Aruba Sensor (not covered with in this solution - see Meridian online help for details).

The following configuration parameters are required. Parameters are found in Meridian Editor: Edtion > Beacons > Configuration (Gear, upper right hand)


Note: Copy both URL and Access Token, paste to a text editor and remove any leading white spaces.


Platform(s) SUPPORTED

Instant 2xx and 3xx series APs.


Subscription to Meridian cloud.

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