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Competitive documentation

Hello i was wondering if its possible putting up more competitive documents for example im really needing competitive docuemnts agains HP... HP is one of the most demanded Wireless per price here... and a good documentation of a competitive documents agains it would be really handy...

Also if you guys can put more competitive documents not just agains cisco...

How about a up to date documentations agasins motorola? thats another one im really needing




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:robothappy: NightShade1  is right. It's important during pre-sale process. :robotlol:

(not only HP .Also RUCKUS , JUNIPER and others)




Ill send you the Ruckus one. whats your email address?



BUT <> if it's the ruckus post that was here in AirHeads...i already got it (i post it from another page...:) ring a bell? )


Nah it got some info of it but this one got a lot of info...

I do not post it here the document because its supposed that its just for partners... anyways im sending it to you right away.



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Hi NightShade,


Do you by any chance have a competitor comparison doc against Avaya? If you could send me the other ones as well that would be great.



No sorry i dont have agains avaya...


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thanks, can you send me the one for ruckus?

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Hi Nightshade1 , could you share me the competitive report against the Ruckus one?


My email is



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