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3600 reseting a telephone switchboard.

Good afternoon everybody.

I would like to ask for your expierence in case you have suffered simmilar issue to described next.

After one of our customer´s deployment we have found next issue.

We configured in the customer´s network an Aruba Controller 3600 (v. When it starts up it reset an Alcatel telephone switchboard from the customer. We think it could be due to some broadcasting that the controller send to the network which reset the switchboard. Customer talk with theirs switchboard´s deliver and commented them about some similar cases with other kind of controllers.

Is this issue known by you?. Is there any setting we can set off (about broadcasting) that we can check and test if the telephone switchboard continues reseting?.

There´s no duplicated IP issue. We have checked this point.

As allways, thanks for your knowledge.



3600 reseting a telephone switchboard.

The controller does not broadcast anything at boot-up that I can think of, with the exception of spanning tree negotiations.

The definitive evidence you would best need to gather with a packet capture on the port that the 'switchboard' is plugged into. That will give you 101% information on what is going on.
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