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AP regulatory Domain profile


Since I upgraded to, I have problems with connecting some notebooks to the wireless network, most of the notebooks are able to see and connect to my ssid's but a minimal cannot even see a ssid.
I wonder if the channels available in the ap regulatory-domain-profile "default" has something to do with this strange behaviour, because I've changed from "GT" (my country Guatemala) to "US" and back and some of them were able to see the ssids but then others failed.
Also changing the wireless driver on a Dell notebook from latin american to US fix the problem.

The current "default" regulatory-domain-profile is:

Country Code GT
Valid 802.11g channel 1
Valid 802.11g channel 6
Valid 802.11g channel 11
Valid 802.11a channel 36
Valid 802.11a channel 40
Valid 802.11a channel 44
Valid 802.11a channel 48
Valid 802.11a channel 52
Valid 802.11a channel 56
Valid 802.11a channel 60
Valid 802.11a channel 64
Valid 802.11a channel 149
Valid 802.11a channel 153
Valid 802.11a channel 157
Valid 802.11a channel 161
Valid 802.11a channel 165

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: AP regulatory Domain profile

This is an interesting scenario. So you're currently running in the GT regulatory mode?

My guess is that 802.11h/802.11d is enabled in the radio or SSID profile (can't remember where it lives) and that some clients don't like it--or it's not enabled and the clients want to see it.

Give that a try.
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Re: AP regulatory Domain profile

Hey thanks, it was disabled in the rf dot11g-radio profile, I enabled it and now I can see the ssid.

It must be enabled always ? Or just some clients driver which fail if is not enabled ?

I wonder because it's a growing number of notebooks failing to see both recent models and old, but some time before like first semester of this year, they could see the ssids without problem.
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Re: AP regulatory Domain profile

Newer drivers respect the 802.11d/802.11h settings as the standards mature. So if the SSID doesn't beacon the correct country code, clients can have issues.

Glad you fixed it.
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