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Bulk Import of Guest Accounts Internal Database

I had a large conference and needed to import 200 users to the internal database.

I am running version 3.4.04 and had previously (version exported the Internal Database file to a text editor. I then was able to added the users in the correct SQL format and then import the file back to the system.

With version the exported passwords are now hashed, in previous version the password field was plain text. So when I import the new data with a plain text password the system thinks it is a hashed value and as a result the password is then not what I had wanted it to be.

To work around this issue I imported the users via the CLI of the controller see-
<> I then exported the user database and edited the field “grantor_name” and made this the ID of the user with a guest provisioning account so this person could manage these accounts. I then imported the database back to the system and it worked without any issues.