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Configure backup SSID on RAP in hotel environment

I have configured a backup SSID on a RemoteAP as described in the knowledge base. However, I see a very strange behavior and have no idea where that is coming from.

The Remote AP itself is working correctly and the normal tunneled SSIDs are also coming up as soon as the AP can reach its controller and build up the IPsec tunnel. If I disconnect the AP from ethernet after it had first properly build up the session with its controller, after some time, it tears down the normal (standard, tunneled) SSIDs und put's up the bridged backup SSID as expected. So far so good.

However, if I boot this RAP in an environment where it just gets an IP address and where it can't reach the controller, it never puts up neither the backup SSID nor the standard SSIDs. The part with the standard SSIDs is normal behavior put I do not understand why the backup SSID (open) is not coming up in this case.

Any idea, hints?

I'm using Release

Thank you in advance.


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You might want to open a case with support. There was an issue where that would happen previously just like you described. Open a case with support an see if they can replicate it, to make sure it has not returned.

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Re: Configure backup SSID on RAP in hotel environment

Thank you, Colin. I will do that.
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Re: Configure backup SSID on RAP in hotel environment

Hi have the same problem with RAP and backup ssid.
Could you post the results of your case.

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