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Limiting Guest Users to Internet Access Only

I have a requirement to separate the Guest users from Employee ones.
So i have created a separate VLAN, installed the PEF license
Now i need the configuration of user role which will enforce this policy. Especially i have a requirement to block Team Viewer access from Guest SSID.

How can i achieve this and the restriction towards Local network
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"Authenticated" Guest Role

You need to configure your guest's post-authentication role to do this. After your guest authenticates, he is assigned a role. When you know what this role is, go to Configuration> Security> Access control and edit that role. You will then edit, or create firewall policies there that will restrict what that authenticated guest can do. If you want to restrict access to team viewer, you would Create a New Firewall Policy at that screen. You would say source is "user" destination is "host" and the ip address of the team viewer server. Protocol would be "any" and you would ensure that the rule would be "deny" or drop. Once you add that to the guest role and move that firewall policy to the top, it will be enforced.

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Re: Limiting Guest Users to Internet Access Only

Thanks mate, i will check it out and update ! thnx a lot
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