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Possible MAC issue in

We've had a few association issues with Today I found a possible MAC aging or clearing issue. My iPhone wouldn't connect to our WPA SSID. When I looked in the Process Log, it reported:

Jun 21 10:23:33 authmgr: <522025> |authmgr| MAC=90:27:e4:4b:cd:39 IP= MAC spoof from MAC=90:27:e4:4b:cd:39

The ARP table only had the correct entry, however. The station table did report:

7:22:49 Yes Print-Area l3guest-aruba a-HT No default-open
90:27:e4:4b:cd:39 jperez

Which is an entry that is 7 days old... I got around this issue by disabling the IP spoofing protection with no firewall prohibit-ip-spoofing, but this is far from ideal. Bug?
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Re: Possible MAC issue in

Please open a case so that TAC can determine that. If we trigger an ip spoofing event and no ip is being spoofed, it is a bug and you should open a case so that it is looked into.

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