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master-local & VRRP

I'm planning 4 aruba controllers environment.

one for master-local, and the other 3 are local. each master-local & local use VRRP for redundancy. the master-local will be the backup of the 3 local controller.

Can I place all the 4 switch in one subnet? any issue?

what my concern is when I read the aruba campus VRD document, it mention the 3 local controller are at different subnet and master-local has trunk interface to each subnet?

One more, when I setup the AP from the AP console, what ip address should I user for
master, serverip these two parameter?
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Re: master-local & VRRP

"setenv master x.x.x.x" from the console will point the AP to the master, so that is really all you need on the console.

I am not sure if your design will work or not. We need more details about how you will expect it to work. Are you expecting the master to be the backup for all 3 locals (a very bad idea in a large networks)? If so, you can use lms-ip and bkuplms-ip in the AP system profile to specify the local (lms-ip) and the master (bkuplms-ip) for redundancy. This failover will take a little longer than VRRP, but it is fully supported.

If you are expecting the master to have 3 VRRP instances running on the same VLAN and be backup in all 3, I am not 100% sure that will work. I THINK it will, but if it were me, I would do lms redundancy and not setup VRRP at all.
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Re: master-local & VRRP

VRRP is prefer than LMS & backup-LMS mention in VRD document because of recovery time.

I know setenv master x.x.x.x will let AP point to the master-local controller.

what I confuse is in normal situation, the VRRP address will hold by the local controller and all AP traffic should be terminated on local controller. but the master x.x.x.x in AP is point to the master-local controller for each AP, is this make sense?
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Re: master-local & VRRP

True, VRRP is preferred, but again, I have not seen multiple VRRP groups in the same subnet, so I am not sure how it would react. It should be OK, but I can't say for sure.

Also, the VRD mentions not using the master as a backup.

When you use the master parameter in the console, the AP will go that IP address to get it's configuration. The configuration should point the AP (using the lms-ip) to the local controller where it will terminate it's GRE tunnel(s) for user traffic.
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Re: master-local & VRRP

I think I just realized your question... :)

In the master parameter on the console, use the interface IP address for the master, not the VRRP VIP. That way, config requests will go the master and AP termination requests will go to which ever controller is currently active.
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