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Aruba Central Services Licensing



We bought Aruba Central for device management and Aruba representative said that we need one license per device for management and another that covers services like Guest or Presence Analytics. So let's say if I have 100 AP's then I would need:

100 device management licenses.

100 services licenses (a single license covers guest, clarity and presence analytics).


But now when I started to assign the licenses I see that Clarity, Guest and Presence Analytics all seem to take a single services license which means we are short on licenses and can't roll out Central. Also we have no budget planned for next year to cover this. If we would need to get separate subscription licenses for every single service then it would be huge letdown and problem. This would mean we would have had to buy three times more the subscription licenses we actually bought.

How the hell could an Aruba representative make such a mistake?  Or do I miss something?


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Re: Aruba Central Services Licensing



You will need one service license per service per device.

In your case for 100 devices 


100x Device Management License

100x Service Licenses for Clarity

100x Service Licenses for Guest

100x Service Licenses for Presence Analytics


total - 100 Management Licenses + 300 Service Licenses

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