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Aruba Central Template Group Switch onboarding

I know this may seem like a pretty basic question, but I can not find an answer.


What is the process for on-boarding a switch into Aruba Central in a template group?


The process I am doing is:

1.) Enter the S/N & Mac into Aruba Central and give it a device license.

2.) Assign the switch to a group

3.) Plug the switch in and wait for it to check in to Central.

4.) Go to the Template Group>variables, and download the variable file (csv).

5.) Mark a "y" in the newly added switch, fill out the variables and re-upload.


If I don't download then upload the variable file, the switch never gets the custom variables I placed in the template.


This works for me, but seems a big cumbersome. I can't just send an unconfigured switch out to a location and have a tech plug it in, and have it download the config.


Am I missing something here? Is there an easier way? Is there no way to just enter the SN/Mac of the switch, prepare the variables without first unboxing/powering on? 

Also, why doesn't the switch get the custom variables from the template without needing to upload the variable file to Central once the switch has joined?


Thank you for any input!


Re: Aruba Central Template Group Switch onboarding

check these out, both available on Aruba Central onine doco


Here is the technote for Aruba Central configuration of VSF for mainly the 2930F switches but the principle applies to 5406/12Rs as well.


and here is the general info on “Configuring Switch Stacks using Template Groups”

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