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Broadcast SSID managed through Cloud (Central) locally

I have a network with 6 SSIDs, and 5 of it are broadcasted through the client's LAN and must work even without internet connection, just 1 of the SSIDs is tunneled (VPN) to my remote gateway needing Internet connection to work properly.


The problem is that when the Internet connection is lost all the SSIDs dissapears, and that 5 SSIDs must keep working locally and I dont know if that's possible. Any help?


PS: All the APs are managed via Aruba Central, and we have a group for each client (Stores)


Eu tenho uma rede com 6 SSIDs, e 5 deles são publicados pela LAN do cliente e deveriam funcionar mesmo sem conexão com a Internet, e apenas 1 dos SSIDs é tunelado (VPN) para o meu gateway remoto, necessitando de conexão com a Internet para funcionar corretamente.

O problema é que, quando a conexão com a Internet é perdida, todos os SSIDs desaparecem. Alguma ajuda?

Obs: As APs são gerenciadas via Aruba Central

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Re: Broadcast SSID managed through Cloud (Central) locally

I will assume you are on a newish code version. In older versions this feature is referred to as OOS (Out Of Service)
In central create a new SSID or edit the SSID, under the first step General, drop down "Advanced Settings" and expand "Miscellaneous"
Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 3.26.55 PM.png

Search for "Disable SSID when" and make sure this is set to "None", save settings / click next
Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 3.27.45 PM.png

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