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How to - Aruba Central PoC: Integrating Purple



It is becoming increasingly common to find Customers who want WiFi solutions that can be extended to their visitors and show particular interest in captive portals, marketing and advertisements by understanding that most users are willing to see an advertisement in exchange for free WiFi access.


The following guide shows the integration between Aruba Central and Purple, which offers an advertising cloud-based platform that sits on top of Aruba WiFi infrastructure.


central purple.png

Here is the agenda:

central - purple2.png

Guide attached as pdf file. 


Packet capture showing the integration:

central purple capture.png


Aruba Employee

Re: How to - Aruba Central PoC: Integrating Purple

From: Team Purple <>

Date: Monday, July 1, 2019 at 1:23 PM


Hi there,


As part of our ongoing migration from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), there is a requirement to change the RADIUS configuration on hardware for every Purple customer. We've detailed the change below to ensure our partners and customers are up to speed.


What is changing and why?

Due to the physical relocation of our RADIUS servers, a change of host/IP is required to the wireless controller, AP or cloud configuration.


When is it changing?

The changes can be made any time from now. At present, we are transparently routing all RADIUS traffic through the existing servers. However, this introduces a slight delay in the authentication journey and therefore, by changing the details straight away, there will be an immediate speed increase for end users.


We appreciate that some customers require advanced notice of changes, and as such we're providing two months notice.


Therefore, it's really important that the change is made by 30th August 2019 to avoid any disruption. Again, the earlier the change can be made, the better.


How to update the RADIUS configuration

Log in to the wireless hardware, be that the controller, AP(s) or cloud service and modify the RADIUS servers that are currently in use.


Depending on the hardware type, there will be either a host or an IP.


If using host names, please modify:


Primary RADIUS server




Secondary RADIUS server




If using IPs, please modify:


Primary RADIUS server




Secondary RADIUS server




Note: The RADIUS secret remains the same, as per the original hardware guide used to set up the service.


Additionally, if there are any existing firewall rules on the network to allow RADIUS traffic, please ensure the two new IP's above on UDP ports 1812 and 1813 are added.


Are there any other benefits?

Yes! As part of this change we have implemented a multi-region RADIUS deployment. This means that we now have multiple RADIUS servers installed in the Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific regions.


This has the added benefit of additional resilience and a faster access journey for end users - as the wireless hardware will now be talking to a local RADIUS server rather than our current global European one.


This is estimated to cut down the authentication part of the access journey by several seconds.


Questions or concerns?

We are here to help. You can also email or start a live chat at Purple Support




Team Purple

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