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How to report on Wifi access rules?

Hi everyone,


I'm pretty new to Aruba and have a client we setup where 1 of the SSID's has a list of access rules for web filtering (no adult sites, streaming video, etc). The list of categories is quite long as it's a school.

How do we get a report on what catagories have been blocked? The school is finding some legit applications are also being blocked and we're not sure if it's the Aruba system blocking it or something else. It would be nice to know what catagories are being triggered and by what device.



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Re: How to report on Wifi access rules?

You have two options:


1- in the ACL there is a "log" checkbox.  That will show you what device hit a rule in the logs.

2-In aggregate you can type "show acl hits" to see what rules in general were hit how many times.

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Re: How to report on Wifi access rules?

Awesome, thanks.

Where are the logs stored? I can't find anything in Central.


Re: How to report on Wifi access rules?

Central won't store those type of logs, you have to send them to a Syslog server.



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