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COTD: clear gap-db - Clear Records of Downed access ponts

Have you ever replaced an access point and the original access point still remains on the monitoring page as "Down"? The "clear gap-db" command will remove the record of that access point from the database and remove the down entry. Do a "show ap database long" command to see the AP, because at minimum, you will need the wired mac address of the ap, the name of the AP, or the LMS (local mobility switch) that the AP connected to:

(Aruba-M3) #show ap database long
AP Database
Name Group AP Type IP Address Status Flags Switch IP Wired MAC Address Serial # Slot/Port FQLN
---- ----- ------- ---------- ------ ----- --------- ----------------- -------- --------- ----
caddy-rap70 default 70 Down R 00:0b:86:c5:65:96 A50077203 N/A
cdalton default 70 Down R 00:0b:86:c5:4c:a0 A50074008 N/A

After that you can do a "clear gap-db" with either the "wired-mac", "ap-name" or "lms" parameter:

clear gap-db ap-name cdalton
clear gap-db wired-mac 00:0b:86:c5:4c:a0
clear gap-db lms

Please keep in mind that using the "lms" parameter will clear ALL aps in the database that pointed to that local switch ip address. Clearing APs that are active will result in the AP record immediately being recreated and there will be no interruption in service. The "clear gap-db lms" method is good for wiping out all historical APs that are inactive and keeping the ones that are active.

*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
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