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AIRWAVE - Trigger - Rogue Device Classified - Suppress Until Acknowledged not available



AIRWAVE v8.2 - See attached PDF for seeing issue


I see circa 16 triggers where most are set to Suppress Until Acknowledged, however this is not the case for Rogue Device Classified. IT Team complaining they're getting many emails, unfortuntaely the Suppress Until Acknowledged option is not showing on this there a reason why? I see the option on other triggers where it's enabled.


Also, assuming I can get this trigger resolved with Suppression, what is the best option for acknowledging each alert to classify a detected AP as good? Based on it not trying to impersonate the Corporate SSID? If it's and AP using an independent SSID you should permanently acknowledge as good using some method?


Is there an instruction method I can provide IT for doing this?


IT Team perspective is stop the emails but this would wuold breach compliance requirements, so I can't do this.






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