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Why not broadcast the SSID on IAP-515?

I am currently test that standalone of IAP-515


Test order is like this

1. IAP 515 setting (ip,subnet,gateway,uap_controller_less 1)

2. booting

3. "Test03# swarm-mode Standlone" in CLI

4. Create a new network after connecting to the GUI

5. Network Test


I tried in this order but the RF LED is off(System LED is ON),,
Channel radiation is not allowed.(Screenshot Reference)


The above symptoms sometimes occur when testing two IAP-515s.


In some cases, the SSID may be well emitted when the test is performed after the factory reset.

I wonder if there are additional settings that can be activated if SSID (channel) radiation is not enable config(=How to turn the RF LED ON)



TXT file is a case in which two APs do not broadcast SSID when forming a cluster.

and The other last text file is a case where the SSID is not broadcast even when a new network is formed after changing to standalone mode.


Plase help me!!

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