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Wierd ping response pattern from specific client



I have a wireless "client"(A physical unit) that really gives me headache.

It is an autonomous device running a wireless card from a vendor called "connectBlue AB", and i appears to be running 2.4/5ghz but max 65 Mbps.


The thing is, when you ping it, it responds with ~14 in a row (below 25 ms) and then it timeouts with ~2-5 in a row, and then all over again. (The first ping when it "reponds again" are ~ 2500-3000ms.


I've tried to look a the units system log, but can really find anything obvious.


Any suggestions for the behavior? It is the only unit in my setup that has this kind of behavior, but also one of a kind in the network(Out of 250+ devices)


2x 7205 in HA setup with Aruba 315 APs

SSID for this specific unit are WPA2 with normal passpase(no mac filtering ex.)


Picture of ping pattern attached


Note. when connecting the client to a standalone AP (some dlink whatever) it responds flawless)

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