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Airheads Community Maintenance Notification


We would like you to be aware that we will be entering a maintenance window this weekend August 29th 6pm pst – August 30 9pm pst. We are adding some new features to the Airheads Community (Web Based). The community will not go offline. We simply wanted to let you know that you might see things popping up differently and a few things moved around.


Stay tuned next week for a few community blogs on the new features and how to use them!


The new airheades looks really nice!

Thanks! :)






I just saw a chat window for instant support help?


What kind of support you get in there?  Are they the Aruba Gurus on the chat, like Colin, Marcus etc??? or are low level support??

What kind of support can we expect from it???




Aruba Employee

Hello Carlos, at this point that feature will allow our customers to chat with our Welcome Center staff. So that would be non-technical issues (which includes RMA, Aruba and Airwave Licenses, and Support Accounts). Over time we may change that so stay tuned!


Julia Ostrowski

Aruba Networks, Customer Advocacy

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