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[Announcement] Changes to the Community Discussion Forums Structure - 9/14-9/15

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

Dear Airheads Social Community Members,


In order to improve your user experience in the discussion forums, we will me making some organizational changes in the next few days to decrease the number of discussion boards and simplify the "Discuss" page.  Existing boards will be consolidated into fewer categories and forums. The new Discuss Forums structure is as follows:


Bold text = Category

Italicized underline text = board 


TECHNOLOGY (4 boards)

Unified Wired & Wireless Access
(old boards to be included:

802.11n and 802.11ac Basics, RF Design, and Site Surveys
Campus WLAN and High-Density Wi-Fi
Branch WLAN and Remote Access
Outdoor WLAN and Mesh
Mobile Device Configuration and Troubleshooting
Voice and Video over Wi-Fi
Wireless IPS and Content Security
Aruba Utilities Android Application
ArubaOS and Mobility Controllers
Access Points and Mesh Routers
Mobility Access Switches
VIA (Virtual Intranet Access Client) )


AAA, NAC, Guest Access & BYOD

(old boards to be included:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Guest Access
Authentication and Access Control
ClearPass (formerly known as Amigopod and Avenda) )


Aruba Instant & Cloud Wi-Fi
(old board to be included: Aruba Instant)


Indoor Mobile Engagement
 (Meridian Apps)


COMMUNITY (3 boards)
Training, Certification & Career
(old boards to be included:

Training Courses
Certification: Mobility

Community Feedback
Wireless Water Cooler


INDUSTRY (2 groups)
Government and Military



As part of the forums reorganization, posts older than one year will be moved to the read only archive area. They will still be available to community members via community content search. 


We plan to start the reorganization process on Saturday, September 14th and finish by the end of Sunday, September 15th. You may still access the community during this time. However, please note that discussion forms and threads may be moving in real time.


We hope these changes will improve our community members' overall user experience with a cleaner, more condensed forums listing. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding this reorganization.





Airheads Social Community Management Team

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Occasional Contributor II

Hi Community!


We have finished reorganizing the board structure.  Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions! :)

Contributor II

In my humble opinion, this is a bad move. It's basically jumbling lots of different topics into one board forum which makes the forum users scramble to find the information relevant to them. For example, I am only interested in Airwave Management. Does it mean i have to skim through all the board posting to read the Airwave related posting?




For now, I suggest tagging any thread about AirWave with the AirWave tag.  That way you can search for it.  If enough members follow that model, then it might make it easier to find relevant threads.

Aruba Employee

I'll vote for Airwave being a separate board.

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