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[Announcement] New Single-Sign-On login for Airheads Social

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

Aruba Networks' new Single Sign-On (SSO) system is now live! You may now use your email address and a single password to gain entry to Partner CenterSupport Center, and Airheads Social Community.




You should have received an email from "" titled "Welcome to Aruba Networks Single Sign-On" with your new SSO password.


Please use your email address and your new SSO password to log into Airheads Social, as your legacy Airheads password will no longer work. 


If you did not receive the welcome email, simply go to the change password link below to reset your SSO password. Please make sure "" is added to your spam filter's allow list.


ARUBA NETWORKS EMPLOYEES: Please log into Airheads Social with your company networks credential.


For additional information, please take a look at the SSO FAQ.


Have questions regarding the new SSO system? You may contact the community support team by leaving a comment below or email

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I nver go this email..

What i did was just resetting the password and that worked for me :)

Frequent Contributor I

As most SSOs that I have experienced this has been a disaster. 


I can no longer log in to the partner portal. AirHeads will only login with my old credentials. Support is inaccessible. 


Resetting my password did nothing to help. I've reset it 3 times.


I hate SSO. I've never seen it implemented  properly (unless done from the start) and this is no exception.


Locked out of all the places I need access to. 



Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

Hi AgentEd, please check your PM.





Please plase alc remenber the presales forum if you can :)

i dont know if it possible to limit the access to just partners?

For example i would really would want a analysis vs HP APS... those things are soo cheap... i know aruba does more things but i dont know  either what hp can do and it want cannot do....

Plus other presales quetions about quoting things like clearpass...

That forum will be really helpful

Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

Hi NightShade1,


Thank you for sharing this recommendation. If you haven't done so already, it may be worth while to create an Ideas entry and see if other users are also interested.





I have done it already and also commented it to you on the MVPs meeting!

we need more vs documentation or vs stuff we can use it when going agains another brand... and people would be able toc omment here about this and also question regarding quotings, or things like it. 





Ah yeah also the Technical Webinars... i already asked this to my Territory Manager... hope this can be done :)


I'm having problems as well.  Crutially I can't access the partner site so can't get to ideas or cases portal.


Tried three different browsers, two different laptops and three different proxies and same thing.



Retired Employee alc
Retired Employee

Hi Michael,


Please check your PM.




Frequent Contributor II

Add me to the list of people that can't seem to access the support portal - it identifies me as a UserWithNoRole and asks me to Register, which doesn't seem to work.


Firefox produces the same UserWIthNoRole error


You might also want to get your site updated to work with IE 10 - it really doesn't like it (yes I know but I'm required to use all the browsers - and I use them for different things.)


Thank you


New Member

I am stuck in limbo for support access too. The company that my support contract was with was sold and no longer exists, I have tried many emails to sales and info, but due to me not being a big company.. im not getting any response what so ever. Pretty lame Aruba.. Pretty lame

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