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Community Recognitions for August, 2013

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Hello fellow Airheads!


The Airheads Social team would like to recognize the top Kudoed Authors, within the community, for the month of August. This will provide you with a list of your fellow Airheads, along with the number of Kudos they received for the month.  Click on their usernames to be taken to their profiles where you can check out some of their posts or send them a personal message. 













Join us in recognizing our top 10 Kudoed Authors for their contributions this month!     


Please help recognize helpful and informative content on the community by giving it a Kudo! 


To give a Kudo to a post, look in the lower right corner of the post and click on the star to add a Kudo.  Once you’ve Kudoed a post, you’ll see the Kudos count increment on the left of the star. For reference, see the following image.  Please note: you won’t be able to Kudo your own posts.


UPDATED Accepted Solution.png


Check back next month for a new Community Recognition topic of your top Kudoed Authors from September!  :smileyhappy:


-  Your Airheads Social Community Team


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Now its not Kdisc98 that got out of the list now im not in the list  and i should be though :P


New Contributor

Sorry, NightShade1,


I reran the metrics and found that the date range on the original list was inaccurate.  I'll also check last month's list.


yeah last month you left kdisc98 and vfabian out :(


Ah yeah thanks for reran the metrics!!!! :)

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