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Congratulations to our “Month of Mobility” Hero Contest winners!


tile.mobility-hero.pngCongratulations to our “Month of Mobility” Hero Contest winners! This month’s MHC was a big success with over 16 great tutorials. I am amazed at the level of technical skill these tutorials have. I hope they continue to roll in. These tutorials are a big help to those just starting out or those who have never focused in the exact area of the tutorial.


We will be continuing the contests. April’s contest has already started! 







  • First Place

cappalli With 84 Kudos last month.

Using ClearPass to steer users to secure networks #mhc

Cappalli has chosen the following as his prize:

A complete set of Aruba Networks gear for a home lab

· 2x Aruba Mobility Controllers

· 2x IAP-225

· 3x IAP-115

· 1x IAP-275

· 1x S2500-24P

· 1x 1yr Aruba Central License

· 1x ClearPass Enterprise 25 mobile device license (no hardware)

· Full array of licenses for controllers


Second – Fifth win an IAP-225


  • Second Place

Michael_Clarke With 76 Kudos last month

Guest only solution using IAP-GRE tunnel with Controller


  • Third Place

Constantin With 42 Kudos last month.

How to provide Guest&Employee access with the same SSID using Instant & Captive portal/WPA-2 E


  • Fourth Place

rosie With 40 Kudos last month.

Airwave Device Connection Notification Tutorial


  • Fifth Place

ngutri With 38 Kudos last month.

Using Spectrum Analysis to Troubleshoot Wireless Problem



Other Contest Entries

Tutorial - Creating a WLAN with 802.1x authentication on Clearpass #mhc

[tutorial] 802.1X with Server Derived user role - Instant+Windows Server 2012 Config #mhc

[Tutorial]Calculating Number of APs for High Density Scenarios #mhc

[Tutorial] How To for building a Master controller and Local controller and linking them #mhc

[Tutorial] Improving Client Handover between APs #mhc

#mhc How to schedule broadcasting SSIDs using Airwave platform

[Script] AutoSize (for smart devices/mobiles) Captiveportal - 1 click login [Script] #mhc

[Tutorial] Tweaking your controllers in 6.3 #mhc

[Tutorial] Found Address IP of IAP #mhc

[Tutorial] RAPNG (IAP-VPN) deployment with AirWave central monitoring and management

[Tutorial] Aerohive Integration with Clearpass - corp and guest #mhc


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