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Excited to share that new AirGroup features are coming in AOS 6.1.5 expected in August. AirGroup has been designed to enable Bonjour-based services like AirPlay and AirPrint on campus Wi-Fi networks. Check out the technology guide. In the technology guide, see what AirGroup is all about and how it can be configured.


How Do I Enter The Contest?


So, download and read the AirGroup technology guide... then post (on this thread) about how you can use AirGroup in your environment. Every individual who describes a valid use-case(s) will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a trip for two to the island of Aruba (or alternatively, donate an equivalent amount to your favorite charity).


What is the Deadline Date to Submit My Entry?


Post your use-case between now and September 1, 2012. The Aruba product marketing staff will review submissions to confirm each entry into the sweepstakes. We understand it is likely people will have common use-cases. To get your creative juices going and to be fair to the early birds, we are not planning to count entries that seem "like copies" of an earlier one, please submit your own original use-case. The lucky winner will be announced on September 15, 2012.


Click here to read the Terms & Conditions for this AirGroup Sweepstakes. Please note 2 important details: one entry per community member and the prize is a 4-day, 3-night trip including hotel and airfare for 2 persons from any major US airport. Please read the Ts and Cs for further details.


Here is a sneak peak at the AirGroup Technology Guide Table of Contents:


AirGroup Technology Guide Table of Contents

Retired Employee

Please note the technology guide PDF is accessible in the KnowledgeBase too (remember you have to login first).  Here is a link: 

Aruba Employee

I've posted the PDF on our public site as well:


This should fix any problems with viewing the PDF.  No login or registration necessary.




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I have a use case for this product today.  I have a client who is a Cisco wireless customer and they recently rolled out iOS devices to their sales and management staff across the US in the past 6 months.  They have expressed an interest in being able to make use of the AirPrint and AirPlay services available to these devices.  It would be an ideal solution to have the Aruba Mobility controllers at the sites where printing services are required and then use the role-based and identiy-based information from Aruba and Clearpass to only provide the services required for that user and at that site. 


If I understand the solution properly, we would deploy mobility controllers in the data path with their wireless controllers and also trunk wired VLANs to the controller which would have advertised AirPlay/AirPrint services present.  The controller would then build a table of AirGroup services and we can then assign these services to a user/device besed on the role which they are assigned in the controller.  I'd like to give an example of how I believe this would be deployed in a production environment:


A simple example would be using two employees, one from IT and one from finance who both usually work in the Boston office.  When they walk into the Boston office and connect to the corporate SSID, they are assigned roles for each (IT-ROLE and FINANCE-ROLE) with appropriate access limitations.  The Finance person would be able to discover the AirGroup registered printers in the finance area of the Boston facility and the IT person would have access to all of the printers at the facility. 


Similarly, when these two employees visit to the NYC office, they would be put into the same role mappings (IT-TOLE and FINANCE-ROLE) on the mobility controller in NYC but the NYC office has a different list of registered AirGroup printers for Finance and for IT to have access to.  So when accessing a printer, the finane person would have access to add the printers at the NYC office. 


My question, from the technical and deployment side, is how will this work in a RAP deployment?  Are the RAP's going to be able to discover the AirGroup services and have them registered to the controller for paticular role assignments?


Looking forward to discussing this in further detail,





AirGroup and ClearPass could be a great solutions for Brandeis University since wefrequently receive requests from the students, staff and faculty to allow them to use Apple's Bounjeur both wired and wirelessly.


Today, 97% of users in the dormitories connect wirelessly via the Aruba 802.11a/b/g/n network. Unfortunately Apple's Apple TV, Airplay, and Bonjour technologies make it very difficult since they do not work properly between different IP subnets and it is very common for our wired and wireless networks to utilize different IP spaces.  The introduction of AirGroup and ClearPass manager would make this connection seamless.


In addition, we are also in the process of the deploying Corvina switches across all the buildings on our campus and utilizing the discovery options on AirGroup.  This is a great benefit for both the Network management team and the users because thisallows the Aruba Mobility Switch and Aruba Mobility Controllers to estimate the physical location of mobile devices associated with an AP or connected devices to a particular port on a switch.  



An added benefit to the introduction of Aruba ClearPass is that we should be able to use it as a replacement to our current registration system. Students, staff and faculty members would be able to register and manage new devices by directly using the Aruba ClearPass technology.  We would be able to take advantage of one of the best features of ClearPass because it automatically creates an AirGroup that associates individuals to their personal devices and user groups to their shared devices with very little involvement from the Network Administration team.

Aruba Employee

Hmm the obvious ones:


Apple TV in the conference rooms so users can attach to it for Airplay mirroring rather than via a display cord 

(been doing this for a while now, works WAY better than connecting the display cable, switching the resolution, dealing with the jitter ick!!!)

Use it in the dorms, kids can now use their itunes library from their apple TV's, will help restrict the open shares of today.

Apple File shares could be advertised to only a certain subset of users or by location.

Browse to all of your devices services regardless of where you are on campus.


New Contributor

At our office we have aruba controllers en aroudn 70 access points. My co-workers are using the wireless capabilities more and more.


We could use Airgroup by placing appleTV's in our conference rooms. When someone uses a specific conference room he can choose to use that Apple TV wireless. We are now using fixed screens and the laptop must always stand on the same spot. But with Airgroup I can configure that certain persons can use the Apple TV from any place in the conference room.



Jan Roelof

Frequent Contributor I

We're investigating this type of traffic use right now at our university.  We've currently deployed an OpenSource Avahi Server to accomplish this task, however, it is another piece of hardware/software (VM) that we have to support and have been looking for ways to eliminate this altogether.


We are deploying AppleTV's across our wired infrastructure for Instructor use in the classrooms.  We would also like our Guest Presenters to be able to use these devices, however, currently our guest network is segmented off.  This would help us eliminate that barrier created by the network segementation limits of mDNS and Bonjour.


We're also investigating options for our students in our residential complexes to be able to use their devices within their dorm rooms and stream it to their TV's via iTunes Sharing, or using their AirPrint printers.


Airgroup looks to take a big step in solving some of the network hurdles that we've see with AppleTVs and possibly AirPrint capabilities in the very near future.


I can't wait to give it a try.



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Keep updating.

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Hi Community Members,


We will annouce a winner shortly.  Apologies for the delay!



Community Manager

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Congratulations Ben (pli-wireless), you are our winner! We will be contacting you privately regarding your prize.


Thanks to everyone who participated.




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