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How do I mark a post as the accepted solution and why should I mark a solution?


Accepted solutions help first-time visitors find answers to many commonly asked questions quickly.  Solved threads are easily identifiable amongst the normal forums postings and raises the confidence of those looking for a specific answer will find it by reading the solved post.  In addition, the community forum search system places a premium on Accepted Solutions – ensuring solved threads bubble towards the top of the search results.


Accepting a Post as the Solution


If you – as the original poster – believe a response completely answers your question, you can accept that post as the Solution by following the instructions below.


Click the blue Accept as Solution button at the bottom right of the post which contains the answer.









Once clicked, two things will happen in the thread:


  1. The post that was accepted as the solution will contain the Accepted Solution arrow by the subject line



2.  The original question (first post in thread) will include a banner directly beneath the post called “Solved! Go to Solution”.  Clicking it will take the member directly to the post which contained the solution.



In addition, Accepted Solutions are easily distinguished from other posts within the forums board by the Solved icon to the left of the post title.

Please Note: Only the original poster can mark a post as an accepted solution to the topic.




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