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How to quickly set the correct time on your Aruba Controller via NTP

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One thing that is important on an Aruba Controller is the time.  Certificate exchanges, the correct time on logs and other processes depend on the time being set correctly.  Quite a few times, users have had to troubleshoot, but since the time is not correct, the logs and other events become troublesome to correlate.  The GUI asks you for a good deal of information to set the time, but what if you could just set it via the commandline, quickly.  Here is what you would need:


- Your Timezone

- Your Daylight Savings Time Settings (when it starts and ends, if you observe it)

- A reliable NTP server ip address


There is one command that sets your timezone, one that sets your daylight savings time, and one command that sets your NTP sever.  All of these are set in the "config terminal" mode on the commandline of the Aruba Controller:




clock timezone <WORD> <-23 - 23> 


Daylight Savings time:


clock summer-time <zone> [recurring]
<1-4> <start day> <start month> <hh:mm> first <start day> <start month> <hh:mm> last <start day> <start month> <hh:mm> <1-4> <end day> <end month> <hh:mm> first <end day> <end month> <hh:mm> last <end day> <end month> <hh:mm> [<-23 - 23>] 


NTP server:


ntp server ipaddr [iburst]



For example, if my controller is in the eastern time zone, I would have:


config t
clock summer-time EDT recurring first sunday april 02:00 last sunday october 02:00 -4 
 clock timezone EST -5 
ntp server


You can type "show clock" to see your current time and "show ntp server" to see if your NTP server has synched already, or not.


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Hi Guys.  


Just a quick question.  Does this change require a reboot?  


Thank you,



Required? No. Will the logging from your devices and times that users are connected be wildly inaccurate until you reboot? Yes.



My name is oscar buitrago, i´m configuration NTP in a topology Master-Local, This configuration is done on the master controller and is replicated to the rest.

My question is what affect has to make this configuration at the level of ipsec (master-local), ike (since it is used via). With this, it is necessary to restart the devices or just restart the process, if the process is restarted that problems with can I have?



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