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When doing major rollouts there is ALOT of pain going on in Central as I write this, but my pain will eventually be your gain!



There are all kinds of API possibilities you should look into to assist in the management of bigger solutions.

API documentation


Aruba Switches

The WEBUI for Switches in Central leaves alot to be desired in terms of UX experience. It will improve eventually, but until then...


If you're working with a big deployment currently all switches turn up with the same name. That means if you want to move it between groups you are unable to differentiate between switches unless you rename them first..



At first glance it looks like you can't differentiate configs between switching within the same make, but you can. You have to move up to the Group dropown - find the right switch here (renamed it yet?) and select it. You will now get access to override config for that switch.


When troubleshooting on switching this is the command you will learn to love: (config)>aruba-central support-mode enabled


Mixed Clusters

Not all works well for mixed clusters even if using Central. If you end up having trouble with a set of IAP's not showing up due to mixed cluster issues, make sure you upgrade the ones you see to latest version as that often does the trick. Might also help to make sure the default group has Upgrade to latest version.



MSP mode


For all new clusters/VC's you will have to be manually set the Country Code. This can be a pain especially if you have people out in the field without Central access. Use Monitoring -> Customer to keep an eye for Customers with VC's that need Country Code set.


Jumping between MSP level and Customer level is slow and a pain. Try different browsers or go Incognito mode to always have MSP level active while working at Customer-level.


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