A branch office controller fails to connect to the master via DHCP provisioning


A branch office controller is provisioned with Master controller IP and country code via an DHCP server, but it seems the information responded from the DHCP Offer packet is not correct or not enough, it fails to connect to the master.


To troubleshoot this problem, please check out a few things:​

  1. Is the uplink port in a VLAN which has DHCP client enabled?
  2. Can the controller get an IP address from the DHCP server?
  3. Does the DHCP offer packet have DHCP option 43 & option 60 included?

  1. By default, only the last copper port of a brand new branch controller is in the default VLAN 4094 with DHCP client enabled, such as port 0/0/3 in a A7005, 0/0/15 in a A7010, 0/0/23 in a A7024. To get an IP address and provisioning infovia DHCP, make sure the last copper port is used to reach the DHCP server.
  2. To get provisioning info from an DHCP server, the server has to have DHCP option 43 and option 60 configured.
            •Option 60 needs to be configured as Text “ArubaMC”
            •Option 43 needs to be configured as Text “<IP>,<country code>” of master, such as “,US”.
For example:  Master IP is, Country Code is US

#show ip dhcp database

# vlan20

subnet netmask {

        default-lease-time 43200;

        max-lease-time 43200;

        option routers;

        option user-option-43 code 43 = text;

        option user-option-43 ",US";

        option user-option-60 code 60 = text;

        option user-option-60 "ArubaMC";



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