Bandwidth VSAs for layer 3 authentication


Bandwidth VSAs attribute is added for layer authenticated users. 


Starting from ArubaOS 8.2, the managed device can assign per-user or per-group bandwidth rate on Layer 3 authenticated clients. To direct the managed device to enforce bandwidth rates for specific clients after successful Captive-Portal authentication, three RADIUS Vendor-Specific Attributes named Bandwidth-VSAs are added in the RADIUS Access-Accept packet


It is supported only tunnel-forwarding mode, decrypted-tunnel- forwarding modes and wired-connected clients are supported .


Radius servers are required to response with the specific Radius Attribute to authenticate 


Which can be verified as below,


(LC7240) #show aaa radius-attributes  | include Nomadix-Group-Bw

Nomadix-Group-Bw-Policy-ID        19     Integer      Nomadix    3309

(LC7240) #show aaa radius-attributes  | include WISPr-Bandwidth-Max

WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down          8      Integer      WISPr      14122

WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up            7      Integer      WISPr      14122

(LC7240) #


In the controller side we don't need any configuration but in the server we have to do the configuration. 

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