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Debugging Cellular Handoff Assist


When cellular handoff assist is enabled, Client Match will attempt to unstick a sticky client even when there is no better (or other) Wifi radio available on the same band.

There might be cases when this customer will like to debug the reason for client disconnection & find cellular handoff assist to be one of the reasons.

So, this article will help in verifying if client movement was due to CHA.


In order to get detailed information regarding CHA moves, we need to enable the following debugging on the controller.

We can enable client-match related debugging to capture the CHA events.

•logging level debugging arm subcat client-match



1. Mgmt-frame output will show the De-auth reason to be CHA.

show ap remote debug mgmt-frames ap-name <name of ap> client-mac <mac-address of client>


2. Client Match summary will log the event as sticky client.

show ap arm client-match summary

3. ARM logging will list the Client Match event related to CHA.

show log arm all | include <mac-address of client>


4. AP client trail-info will record the De-auth reason as "Cellular handoff Assist"

show ap client trail-info <mac-address of client>

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