Description about "show processes" command?

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Question: Description about "show processes" command?


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This CLI command gives a snapshot of the current processes. The important columns to look at are CPU, S, VSZ and RSS.

The "CPU" is the utilization in percentage.
The "VSZ" (Virtual Memory Size) column is the most applicable for memory usage evaluation and equates with Microsoft Windows "VM Size."
The "RSS" (Resident Set Size) column is simply how much virtual memory is currently in physical RAM.
The “S” column is the process state and has the following codes:
       D   uninterruptible sleep (usually IO)
       R   runnable (on run queue)
       S   sleeping
       T   traced or stopped
       Z   a defunct ("zombie") process

Please send the file that is generated from “tar logs tech-support” to Aruba Technical support if you see any process in a state of “z” or “t” under the “S” column.

The "PID" is the Process ID
The "PPID" is Parent Process ID
The "Start TIME" is start time when process is started <MM:DD:HH:MM:SS> format
The "CMD" is Simple name of executable
The "F" is flag "Long format F Field"





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