Does Aruba support Aggregated MAC Service Data Unit (A-MSDU)?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

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A-MSDU consists of multiple 802.3 frames (layer 3-7 payload), remove 802.3 header & trailer, then wrap the multiple MSDU into a single 802.11 frame.

In other words its a Frame aggregation method of combining multiple frames into a single frame transmission. Benefit is fixed MAC layer overhead is reduced, and overhead caused by random back-off timer during medium contention is also minimized.


rtaImage (14).png



  • All MSDUs are intended to a single destination.
  • Each MSDU belongs to the same TID (QoS class).
  • The entire aggregated frame can be encrypted.
  • Only normal acknowledgements are required when using A-MSDU.

Aruba does support Rx A-MSDU, not Tx A-MSDU.

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