Enabling ucc monitoring for Airwave


How to enabled ucc monitoring for Airwave from the Aruba controller?


Aruba controllers running ArubaOS 6.4 and later versions send UCC data using AMON to Airwave running 8.0 and later. 
By default, UCC Monitoring will be disabled in the controller as shown below:

(Aruba) #show mgmt-server profile default-amp
UCC Monitoring     Disabled

Ucc monitoring can be enabled in the cli using the following commands: 

mgmt-server profile "default-amp"

The following set of UCC data is available on AirWave:
1. Real time call quality (UCC score) Analysis - Includes call quality trend, call quality distribution per AP.
2. Call Detail Records – Displays client details, call traffic type, WMM, and DSCP details.
3. Call quality co-relation - Displays real time call quality vs. client health co-relation.
4. Call quality visibility per device type - Displays device models with issues.
5. Lync overlay - Provides an historic view of Lync calls and call quality associated with those calls.
6. Lync mobility trail - Provides trail to track the history of a call session over a period of time.

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