How and where we can enable RADIUS accounting for the users connecting to an open SSID?

How and where we can enable RADIUS accounting for the users connecting to an open SSID?

RADIUS accounting is basically used in secured networks such as 802.1x authentication enabled networks. Post authentication against the RADIUS server an RADIUS Accounting-Start packet which contain the user's identification, network address, point of attachment and a unique session identifier will be sent to start accounting and Accounting-Stop once the connection is closed for the user, however in an open network we do not have any authentication method, hence by doing the below configuration RADIUS Accounting will be initiated as soon as the user associates to an Open SSID without any authentication.
(ArubaMaster) #configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z

(ArubaMaster) (config) #aaa profile default
(ArubaMaster) (AAA Profile "default") #open-system-radius-accounting
(ArubaMaster) (AAA Profile "default") #!
(ArubaMaster) (config) #
(ArubaMaster) #show aaa profile default

AAA Profile "default"
Parameter                           Value
---------                           -----
Initial role                        logon
MAC Authentication Profile          N/A
MAC Authentication Default Role     guest
MAC Authentication Server Group     default
802.1X Authentication Profile       N/A
802.1X Authentication Default Role  guest
802.1X Authentication Server Group  N/A
Download Role from CPPM             Disabled
L2 Authentication Fail Through      Disabled
Multiple Server Accounting          Disabled
User idle timeout                   N/A
Max IPv4 for wireless user          2
RADIUS Accounting Server Group      N/A
RADIUS Interim Accounting           Disabled
XML API server                      N/A
RFC 3576 server                     N/A
User derivation rules               N/A
Wired to Wireless Roaming           Enabled
SIP authentication role             N/A
Device Type Classification          Enabled
Enforce DHCP                        Disabled
PAN Firewall Integration            Disabled
Open SSID radius accounting         Enabled

(ArubaMaster) #
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