How do I synchronize the internal database when the controllers are configured as redundant masters?

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Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies toall Aruba controllers and ArubaOS versions.


The master controller in the Aruba user-centric network acts as a single point of configuration for global policies, such as firewall policies, authentication parameters, and RF configuration, to ease the configuration and maintenance of a wireless network. The master controller also maintains a database related to the wireless network that is used to make any adjustments (automated as well as manual) in reaction to events that cause a change in the environment (such as an AP becoming unavailable).


The master controller is also responsible for providing the configuration for any AP to complete its boot process. If the master controller becomes unavailable, the network continues to run without any interruption. However, any change in the network topology or configuration will require the availability of the master controller. To maintain a highly redundant network, the administrator can use a controller to act as a hot standby for the master controller. The underlying protocol used is the same as in local redundancy, that is, VRRP.


In a redundant master controller scenario, you can configure a redundant pair to synchronize their WMS and local user databases. In addition, you can also synchronize RF plan data between the pair of controllers. You can either manually or automatically synchronize the databases. When manually synchronizing the database, the active VRRP master synchronizes its database with the standby.


The command takes effect immediately. When configuring automatic synchronization, you set how often the two controllers synchronize their databases. To ensure successful synchronization of database events, you should set periodic synchronization to a minimum period of 20 minutes.

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