How do I transfer a license to a replacement controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question:  How do I transfer a license to a replacement controller?


Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers.


After you receive an RMA, the licenses in use on the faulty controller must be transferred to the replacement controller.

To transfer licenses from a faulty controller to the replacement controller, follow these steps:

1) Log into


2) Select Transfer a personal certificate.





3) Click Transfer next to the license that needs to be transferred.




4) Enter the serial number of the replacement unit and click Transfer.





Note: That in case of the 5000/6000 controller, it is supervisor card serial number.



A new license key is generated.



5) Use either CLI or WebUI to apply the new license key to the replacement controller.


Using CLI

(Aruba) #license add <license_key>

Note: This is not a configuration command and it needs to be executed in privileged mode.


Using WebUI

Navigate to Configuration > Network> Controller > Licenses.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen, copy and paste the license key into the Add New License Key field and click Add.


6) After the license has been added, the controller may require a reboot to activate the license. To determine if the controller needs a reboot, issue the 'show license' command and look for the R flag in the Flags column.

(Aruba) #show license

License Table
Key Installed Expires Flags Service Type
-----                        ---------- -------- ------ ------------
nY75glJ1-5yVj3eAd-FQINCKDy-d91kJ... 2006-01-31 Never E     Wireless Intrusion Protection
qEWjusWr-LbFNrffp-qJNDmz67-FTcX3... 2006-01-31 Never    E Policy Enforcement Firewall
oHds3cCm-Re6H8DYP-840zdDdT-fXTet... 2006-01-31 Never ER    Remote Access Points: 64
i454I7r5-zSVoLuSm-/xfgJfa9-kOzdk... 2006-01-31 Never E xSec Module
Yl12CFo5-plf8jYun-YF1ASFgd-3hL80... 2008-02-13 Never E Voice Services Module

License Entries: 5

Flags: A - auto-generated; E - enabled; R - reboot required to activate

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