How does ARM –OTA update work? How is this configured via CLI and GUI?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction :  The Over the Air Updates feature allows an AP to get information about its RF environment from its neighbors, even the AP cannot scan. If this feature is enabled, when an AP on the network scans a foreign (non-home) channel, it sends an Over-the-Air (OTA) update in an 802.11 management frame that contains information about that AP's home channel, the current transmission EIRP value of the home channel, and one-hop neighbors seen by that AP.



Starting from Aruba OS 6.3, administrator can set a hard limit on Over the Air (OTA) bandwidth for a specific Service Set Identifier (SSID). Currently, the bandwidth allocation process is activated, when the bandwidth is completely saturated. The new enhancement allows you to limit an SSID to consume more bandwidth, when some unused bandwidth is available from other SSIDs. You can limit the bandwidth allocation to low priority SSIDs and allot the bandwidth to other high priority SSIDs.



Configuration Steps  :   

  Using the WebUI

Navigate to Configuration> Wireless > AP Configuration > RF management
and choose the ARM>Advanced for a or g radio

Enable the Checkbox ARM Over the Air update






Using the CLI

First create or Edit  a ARM Profile as below

(Aruba7200)(config) #rf arm-profile test

Now Map the ARM profile to Desired Radio Profile

(Aruba7200) (config) #rf dot11a-radio-profile default
(Aruba7200) (802.11a radio profile "default") # arm-profile test

The ARM OTA is enabled by default


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