How does the URL for captive portal change from the default ( to another domain?

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Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS 3.3.2 and later.


The URL used by the captive portal (as seen in the browser of end users) is determined by the common name (CN) in the digital certificate. The CN of the default certificate that comes with every Aruba controller is "". When you upload a different certificate with a different CN onto the Aruba controller, the URL is changed and refers the new CN.


You can generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on the controller to submit to a Certificate Authority (CA). For information on how to generate a CSR and how to import the CA-signed certificate into the controller, see the "Managing Certificates" chapter in the ArubaOS 3.3.2 User Guide.


Using the WebUI to select a certificate for captive portal:


1) Navigate to Configuration > Management > General.


2) Under Captive Portal Certificate, select the name of the imported certificate from the drop-down list.


3) Click Apply.


Using the CLI to select a certificate for captive portal:


(Aruba) (Config)#web-server

(Aruba) (Config)#captive-portal-cert <certificate>


To specify a different server certificate for captive portal with the CLI, use the no command to revert back to the default certificate before you specify the new certificate:

(Aruba) (Config)# web-server

(Aruba) (Config)# captive-portal-cert ServerCert1

(Aruba) (Config)# no captive-portal-cert

(Aruba) (Config)# captive-portal-cert ServerCert2

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