How many IDS signatures can be configured on an Aruba controller and how many does it have by default?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba Mobility Controllers and ArubaOS versions.


A maximum of 15 signatures (that can include the factory default signatures) can be configured on an Aruba controller.


Note that some products use the term "signature" for detecting any type of IDS attack. In ArubaOS, a signature is something that can be user-defined to check specific attributes of an 802.11 frame. Other IDS-detection mechanisms that can be seen in "ids unauthorized-device-profile", "ids impersonation profile", and "ids dos-profile".


The predefined signatures are:


(rbalay-800) #show ids signature-matching-profile factory-default-signatures


IDS Signature Matching Profile "factory-default-signatures" (Predefined) 
Parameter Value 
--------- ----- 
IDS Signature AirJack 
IDS Signature ASLEAP 
IDS Signature Deauth-Broadcast 
IDS Signature Netstumbler Generic 
IDS Signature Netstumbler Version 3.3.0x 
IDS Signature Null-Probe-Response

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