How to Configure Radius Accounting for VIA users.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction- •RADIUS accounting can be configured now in default vpn profile, default via profile and custom via profile. This feature will allow administrator to account traffic for the users connecting through VIA 

Feature Notes- •RADIUS accounting start is sent when the vpn/via client connects

RADIUS accounting stop is sent when the user is disconnected

Acct-Session-Time in the radius stop packet indicates the session duration in seconds


Network Topology- rtaImage (10).jpg


Configuration Steps- 

1. Create a radius server

(3200) (config) #aaa authentication-server radius demo_acct host

(3200) (config) #aaa authentication-server radius demo_acct key Aruba@123


2. Add the radius server to a server group

(3200) (config) #aaa server-group demo_grp auth-server demo_acct


3. Add the radius server group to the via profile

(3200) (config) #aaa authentication via auth-profile default radius-accounting demo_grp

Answer- (3200) (config) #show aaa authentication via  auth-profile default 

VIA Authentication Profile "default"


Parameter                                            Value

---------                                                  -----

Default Role                                        default-via-role

Server Group                                      default

RADIUS Accounting Server Group     demo_grp

Max Authentication failures                 0

Description                                          N/A

Check certificate common name against AAA server  Enabled

Authentication protocol                         pap

RFC 3576 server                                  N/A

PAN firewalls Integration                      Disabled

Verification- To Verify Enable logging:

logging level debugging security process aaa


logging level debugging security process authmgr subcat aaa


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