How to Identify differences between 3200 and 3200XM controller and what are the benifits having 3200XM?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction : We introduced the A3200XM SKU and a memory upgrade package for the 3200 installed base due to the memory shortage on the 3200 model. With the 6.2 software enhancements we are at a breaking point and hence AOS 6.2 will NOT install on 3200. Installed base customers will be forced to take advantage of the XM memory upgrade option if they plan to upgrade their 3200’s to the 6.2 code base and above.


Feature Notes :

  • 3200 XM: XM stand for Extended Memory
  • If customer has 3200 controller, can purchase the 3200-MEM-UG kit.
  • 3200 will run ArubaOS 6.1.x however, if the system is heavily loaded it can still have problems.
NOTE: Memory usage guidelines:
Above 20MB free okay
Between 10MB to 20MB warning
Below 10MB critical



 Environment : Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba 3200 and 3200XM devices and all Aruba OS


Network Topology : Wireless LAN Controllers


Configuration Steps :

Default Configuration by Aruba Networks



Answer :

There are three ways to identify if controller is 3200 (with extended memory 1GB SDRAM or default 512MB SDRAM) or 3200XM which has 1GB of SDRAM.

1. Show memory command output:

(Aruba3200) #show memory
Memory (Kb): total: 354048, used: 261916, free: 92132

Below is the CLI output from a 3200 after the memory upgrade not 3200XM hardware.
(Aruba3200) #show memory
Memory (Kb): total: 691968, used: 456660, free: 235308

Above you can note two things: Total and Free memory.

Total: 354048Kb for 3200 without extended memory
Total: 691968Kb for 3200XM with extended memory

Free: 92132 without extended memory
Free: 235308 with extended memory
NOTE: These number cannot be same based on configuration however 'Free' in 3200 will have 5 digit and 3200 (extended memory) will have 6 digits.

2. You can check on controller physically and in front it will have written 3200 or 3200XM. If just 3200 then above command will tell if we have extended the memory or not.

User-added image

3. While controller is booting up you can find what is DRAM in MB

When it has 512MB

CPBoot (build 20527)
Built: 2009-01-20 at 18:55:40
DRAM:  Operating at 533 MHz
DRAM:  Channel 0: 512 MB
DRAM:  Channel 2: 0 MB
DRAM:  Total = 512 MB

When it has 1024MB

CPBoot (build 20527)
Built: 2009-01-20 at 18:55:40
 ***** Running DRAM Eye-Finder ***** 
DRAM:  Operating at 533 MHz
.........DRAM:  Channel 0: 1024 MB
DRAM:  Channel 2: 0 MB
DRAM:  Total = 1024 MB

Verification :

There is only one command to check if controller is 3200 or 3200XM in term of memory and there are no other difference between these apart for Extended Memory.
#show memory



Troubleshooting : When installing the Extended memory kindly make sure you put it correctly and make sure you have purchased correct memory kit from Aruba "3200-MEM-UG kit"

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Seth on the forum pointed out "show switchinfo" actually shows the DRAM available too.


Model 3200:

Processor XLR 508 (revision C4) with 857M bytes of memory. 


Model 3200XM:

Processor XLR 508 (revision C4) with 1254M bytes of memory. 

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