How to Telnet the AP ?

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QuestionHow to Telnet the AP ?


Ap Telnet is a serviceability feature to help debug issues that occur on the Apto resolve issues if any, easier and faster.


Ap Telnet works with/without CPSEC enabled.


With Ap and telnet client in the same LAN/VLAN.


With Ap and telnet client in different LAN/VLAN, but gateway for Ap is different from the controller.


With Ap and telnet client in different LAN/VLAN, but the gateway for the Ap is the controller.


(Aruba3400-Master) #configure terminal

Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z


(Aruba3400-Master) (config) #

(Aruba3400-Master) (config) #

(Aruba3400-Master) (config) #ap system-profile default

(Aruba3400-Master) (AP system profile "default") #telnet è to enable TELNET

(Aruba3400-Master) (AP system profile "default") #no telnet è to disable TELNET

(Aruba3400-Master) (AP system profile "default") #

(Aruba3400-Master) (config) #ap-group 11ac

(Aruba3400-Master) (AP group "11ac") #ap-system-profile default è mapping the profile to the ap-group

(Aruba3400-Master) (AP group "11ac") #!

(Aruba3400-Master) (config) #write memory



Login to the controller.

Enter username and password.

Go to AP Configuration -> AP Group -> AP system profile -> Advanced -> Telnet check box.

Check to enable and uncheck to disable.

Apply and Save configuration.


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