How to configure PortFast & BPDU Guard on an Aruba controller.

An Aruba controller running 6.4.3.x and above.

  • PortFast feature basically causes a switch port or a trunk port to directly enter the forwarding state instead of going through listening and learning state of the STP.
  • PortFast is usually configured on an edge port, which means this port should not receive any STP BPDUs.
  • If this port receives any STP BPDU, this port moves back to normal/regular mode and will end up participating in listening and learning states.
BPDU Guard:
  • The BPDU Guard feature basically guards the port against receiving any BPDUs.
  • If it detects any incoming BPDUs on the port, it would put the port into ErrDis (Error-Disable).
  • This port remains in the ErrDis state unless until this port is manually changed by using a configuration command “shut” followed by a “no-shut” applied on this interface.


Below screen shot show the configuration of Portfast for both Trunk and Access ports.


Below screen shot shows the configuration of BPDU Guard for switch ports.

We can verify if the Portfast is enabled using the commands shown in below screen shot.


We can verify if the BPDU Guard is enabled using commands shown in below screen shot.

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