How to find the Serial Number of AOS 8 Virtual Mobility Controller?


How to find the Serial Number of AOS 8 Virtual Mobility Controller?


The Serial number of the AOS 8 Mobility master can be found using the "show inventory" command


(Test-MM) ^[mm] #show inventory

Mgmt Port HW MAC Addr : 00:0C:29:01:23:5E
HW MAC Addr : 00:0C:29:01:23:68
Product key# : MM601235E
Activate license : Not applicable
Supported device type : MM
Active device type : MM

In the above output the "Product key" is the serial number of he AOS 8 Virtual Mobility Controller.

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Great! What about the GUI? I'm trying to find it from there but I don't see it anywhere. Thank you.

Under the MM > System > Licensing > Mobility Máster Licenses > Click on the plus sign and should see the passphrase

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