How to fix missing configuration issue on a Local Controller ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment Information : This article applies to all Aruba Mobility Controllers running any version of ArubaOS.


Symptoms : For each write-mem operation on the Master controller the configuration timestamp is incremented and an incremental configuration update is sent to the local controller. But there could be occasions where the local could have not received these updates properly and this will give rise to a different configuration timestamp on the Master and Local controllers and when the local timestamp is different from master, local requests configuration from master

(Aruba) #show switches

All Switches
IP Address     Name   Location    Type   Model     Version    Status  Configuration State  Config Sync Time (sec)  Config ID
----------     ----   --------    ----   -----     -------    ------  -------------------  ----------------------  ---------
1x.3x.1x.1x0  Aruba  Building1   Local  Aruba3400     up      UPDATE SUCCESSFUL       0                       87

But on rare cases we have seen the local controllers loosing certain configurations which will not make any changes to its configuration timestamp, on those instance pushing an incremental configuration update (Snapshot) from the master through write-mem operation doesn’t fix the issue


Resolution : As a work around we go ahead and change the way how the configuration sync happens between the Master and Local, By default a snapshot of configuration changes is sent to the local and we can change it to a full configuration sync instead of pushing only the snapshot which will resolve the above mentioned issue

(Aruba) (config) #cfgm set sync-type ?
complete                Master will always send full configuration file to local
snapshot                Master will only send snapshot of configuration changes to local (default)

(Aruba) (config) #cfgm set sync-type complete

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