Is Management Information Base version 2 (MIB-II) supported in Instant AP / ArubaOS / Mobility Access Switches?

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This article applies to Instant AP, Aruba OS and Mobility Access Switches.


Management Information Base (MIB) is the set of variables (database) that a device running SNMP maintains. MIB specifies the data items a host or router must keep and the operations allowed on each.

SNMP does not specify exactly which data can be accessed, MIB is the one dealing with that. Keeping MIB definition independent of network management protocol (SNMP) has advantages for both vendors and users.

MIB-II  is supported on Instant AP, also on ArubaOS and Mobility Switches as well.

Features of this MIB include:
   (1)  incremental additions to reflect new operational

   (2)  upwards compatibility with the SMI/MIB and the SNMP;

   (3)  improved support for multi-protocol entities; and,

   (4)  textual clean-up of the MIB to improve clarity and

The objects defined in MIB-II have the OBJECT IDENTIFIER prefix:

      mib-2      OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { mgmt 1 }

which is identical to the prefix used in MIB-I


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